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Revelations of the Rapture

A New Perspective on the Rapture of the Bible

I discovered how to remember who we truly are and how to reconnect to God, Creator of all that is, the source of all life.

Life is a journey. As we travel along the road, discovering life, we realize that there is no road map for life, just a moment-by-moment discovery of self—discovering who we are and, more excitingly, who we want to be or become.

This book has taken me over ten years to write since I had a powerful, prophetic dream in August 2005. I have been on a personal journey of discovery and of immense growth since then, resulting in all the beliefs that I had since a young girl to be turned upside down.

If anybody had told me what I know today ten years ago, I would have argued with them and told them that they were being misled and would have considered it heresy.

An age-old parable talks about an old beggar who was sitting on a box at the side of the road. When a stranger came walking past, the beggar asked the stranger for some spare cash. The stranger replied that he had no money to give him but then asked the beggar what was inside the box that he was sitting on. The beggar replied that it was an old box that he had been sitting on for as long as he could remember and that he had never looked inside as it was surely empty. The stranger encouraged him to open the box and to look inside, which the beggar duly did, only to find that the box was filled with gold.

All these years, this beggar has been begging for money and eating scraps of food or any morsel that he could find, while if he had only looked inside, he would have realized that he was extremely wealthy.

The first few chapters of this book are written with an extremely religious tone due to the fact that I was writing from my belief at that time. However, this is not a religious book. You will notice how my beliefs change as the book unfolds.

Revelations of the Rapture has been written from my belief, which I believe God revealed to me through many hours of studying the Bible, praying, and listening to the still small voice within. I had many hours of quiet time with God. I am sharing information with you that I have gathered on my personal journey, but what you do with this information is up to you, as you always have a choice.